We live in a time where something is making history every time we turn around. No doubt it has been tough, but we have been given an opportunity to make an impact. Instead of passing judgement, believing we are not worthy, or putting others down... we are changing the script! Lifting each other up, having some fun, and most importantly LOVING OURSELVES 💗!


We promise to provide you with quality products to make you feel like a baddie whether you are in those leggings all day or dressed for a day out with the girls! It is our goal to bring out the GLOW in you no matter what the day brings!

Featured Glow Up - Destiny Gonzaque Washington

My glow up didn’t happen until my early twenties. Between grieving the loss of my dad, not being confident and living life, and unsure of what direction I wanted to go. I knew this wasn’t working for me anymore and I hit rock bottom. You see, I have always been super giving and put others before myself. When I reflected on that, I realized by putting everyone before myself, I got lost in the mix! It was then that I thought "your husband, your family, and your friends are better when you are your best self!"  So, I decided to focus on me. Now I could teach, learn, and condition myself to create the life I wanted and become the person I wanted to be. This year I will continue to love myself (mind, body, and soul), finally follow my passion to be a social media influencer, and travel as much as possible! I’m so eager to see what the future holds!! 2023 This queen is gonna change the world you just wait and see!

The Girl Behind the Glow

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